Services & Fees

Pre-Purchase Inspections
This type of inspection is conducted for potential boat buyers and is the most comprehensive type of survey inspection.
This inspection is conducted both in and out of the water and includes all of the vessel systems. We also check the overall structural integrity of the vessel. A trial run is then conducted to help ensure the proper operating condition of the vessel and its electronics.
We encourage our clients to be present for the inspection so they can see our thorough inspection process. We also like to point out to the customer existing or potential problems that may be present at the time of inspection.
Condition/Valuation Inspections
This type of survey is conducted to ensure and qualify the condition of the systems and the equipment on the vessel. This type of inspection is normally conducted at the request of your insurance company. Most of the time an in-water survey satisfies the insurance company’s requirements, however sometimes a vessel will need to be hauled out of the water to complete the survey. It is suggested that clients ask their insurance company if their survey requirements demand that the vessel be hauled out of the water.
This type of survey inspection is conducted to attain a fair market value of the vessel for legal proceedings, donations, or estate claims. In most cases, an in-water inspection is satisfactory to the party requesting the survey inspection.
Damage Inspections
We are also called upon to perform inspections on vessels that have been damaged due to various reasons, including storm damage, groundings, lightning, fire, just to name a few.
Our purpose in these types of inspections is to verify the extent of the damage sustained to the vessel and to determine the “cause of loss.” We also provide an estimate of repair that is required to put the vessel back into a similar condition prior to the damage.
We work both on the behalf of insurance companies and for private boat owners who might have a dispute with their insurance company.
All vessel inspections are conducted according to regulations, standards and practices as determined by The United States Coast Guard, American Boat and Yacht Council and The National Fire Protection Association.
Extra Services
Oil Analysis
Upon request, we can do oil sample testing for the main engines, marine transmissions and the generator engine (please be advised we are not engine surveyors). Oil analysis can show internal wear to the engine components and identify the existence of foreign substances that can be harmful to the engine and reduce its expected lifespan.
Ultra-sound Testing
Ultra-sound scans determine thickness to aluminum and steel vessels, which can help determine possible wear and corrosion to the structural hull plating.
Thermal Imaging
Non Destructive Instrument for structural inspections.

We work closely with other marine professionals who can assist you in obtaining further support in the inspection stage (such as engine surveyors). We can also recommend competent repair companies in our area.

Pre-purchase – Minimum Charge $800  (33′ or less)
1. Power Vessels
Local: Naples – Punta Gorda
$24.00 per foot
Marco Island, Port Charlotte
Quoted by surveyor
Gasparilla, Labelle, Glades area
Quoted by surveyor
Venice to Bradenton area
Quoted by surveyor
St. Petersburg/Tampa
Quoted by surveyor
Miami – Fort Pierce
Quoted by surveyor
Further Distances
Quoted by surveyor
2. Catamarans
Add $1.00 per foot
Please note – Vessels above 50′ in length might be subjected to a $1 to $2 per foot increase in price. All charges will be agreed upon by all parties prior to the inspection.
Condition/Valuation – Minimum Charge $450.00  (25′ or less)
1. Power Vessels In-water
Travel- Out of local area
$18.00 per foot
$19.00 per foot
Quoted by surveyor
2. Sailing Vessels In-water
Travel- Out of local area
$18.00 per foot
$19.00 per foot
Quoted by surveyor
Damage Inspections – $150 per hour
Fees For Extra Services
Oil Samples
Ultrasound Testing
$45.00 plus shipping fees per sample
Quoted by surveyor
Expert Witness
Thermal Imaging
$1,200.00 per day, plus expenses (4 Hour Minimum)
Quoted by surveyor
We accept cash, personal or business checks, certified checks, Visa and Mastercard.
Survey payment is due upon the completion of the on board inspection (day of survey).
Prices subject to change (all agreed upon fee quotes will be honored).